How to Host Ghost on an Apache Subdomain

Ghost runs on top of Node.js instead of Apache or Nginx. If you already have a website running on Apache you will need to take a few extra steps in order to allow Node.js to run along side Apache. After this tutorial you will have your main domain… Read More

How To Install Ghost on Bluehost

To get started sign up for the Bluehost "Standard VPS" account plan. To run Ghost on port 80 instead of 2368 you will need to purchase a "Dedicated IP". When logged into Bluehost account click on "Server" and then "Server IPs" tab. Purchase the dedicated IP and then… Read More

How To Start Ghost as a Service on Linux

On Ubuntu and CentOS, you can use the init service to start Ghost on boot up, and keep it running if Ghost crashes. All you have to do is place a ghost.conf file in /etc/init/ directory. In the init script we will be start Ghost with a non… Read More

How To Install Ghost on CentOS

There is a script that will automatically do the entire installation of Ghost for you which you can find in our One-Click Ghost Install Script for Ubuntu and CentOS article. If you would like to use that, great! If not, this page will describe how to go from a clean… Read More