Create Image Links in Ghost Blog Posts

If you have been writing with Ghost, you are most likely familiar with the markdown syntax for how to create a link ([]()) or upload an image (![]()). ┬áThe problem with the image markdown, is it does not link anywhere. It just puts the image on the page. If you want to… Read More

How to Proxy Port 80 to 2368 for Ghost with Nginx

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If you followed one of our posts on How To Install Ghost, we highly suggest going through this post right after installing Ghost so that your Ghost blog is accessible on port 80 instead of 2368. We will accomplish this by using Nginx to proxy all requests for port 80… Read More

Migrating Ghost Installation From SQLite3 To MySQL

If you have a Ghost blog with a SQLite3 backend and want to migrate to MySQL, you can use this simple process: To get started you will need to have MySQL installed on your server: Ubuntu apt-get install mysql-server CentOS yum install mysql-server <li>Go through the MySQL… Read More