Connecting Ghost to MySQL AWS RDS Instance

Amazon's RDS service (Managed Relational Database Service) allows you to create and host a database in the Amazon cloud rather than having a local one on your server. This article will walk you through how to create an RDS instance and connect Ghost to it. In your AWS account select… Read More

How To Install Ghost In a Subdirectory

There are two main steps to install Ghost in a subdirectory. You need to update the Ghost config so it knows it is in a subdirectory, and then use apache or nginx to point the right traffic to Ghost To tell Ghost where it should live, in the config.js… Read More

How To Point A Domain Name At Ghost

The process for pointing a domain at Ghost will differ slightly for every provider. This article will document the steps to point a domain purchased at Namecheap to your DigitalOcean droplet running Ghost, but it should be very similar for most providers. Signup for a domain name over at Namecheap.… Read More

Install and Update Ghost as an NPM Module

The ability to install and update Ghost as an NPM module means that someone can easily take an existing node.js app and add Ghost onto it by adding just a few lines to their code. Below we have instructions on how to install Ghost, update Ghost, and a basic… Read More

The Complete Guide to Managing Ghost's Multi-User Support

This post will have everything you need to know about what the different users are, how to invite users, revoke invites, delete users, change permissions, and change the blog Ownership. We will start with explaining the different roles for the users and go from there. User Roles Invite Users Change… Read More