How To Install Ghost On Ubuntu

This article will walk you through how to install Ghost on Ubuntu. These steps will work for Ubuntu 16.04, but should work on all versions. This article assumes everything is from scratch. Make any adjustments you need to based on your setup. Update Ubuntu The first step will be… Read More

How to Install Ghost on Windows 8

Must have Installed: Python 2.7.5, Visual Studio Express 2012, Windows SDK First make sure your Windows 8 operating system is up to date and everything above is installed. After it is installed reboot the machine. Add Python to your path: set PATH=%PATH%;C:Python27;C:Python27Scripts; Install… Read More

How To Install Ghost On Windows XP

Note: This page will not document steps outside the scope of Ghost and makes a few assumptions including: Windows XP is has service pack 3 installed. A network interface is setup with a static IP address. Any reference to the servers IP address will be but… Read More

How To Install Ghost on CentOS

There is a script that will automatically do the entire installation of Ghost for you which you can find in our One-Click Ghost Install Script for Ubuntu and CentOS article. If you would like to use that, great! If not, this page will describe how to go from a clean… Read More

How to Install Ghost on a Raspberry Pi Running Raspbian

Initial Setup With a clean install of Raspbian run the following commands to download node.js: wget tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz cd [node folder] Use the following commands to compile and install node.js ./configure make make install Download and Install Ghost:… Read More