How to Install Ghost on Windows 8

Must have Installed: Python 2.7.5, Visual Studio Express 2012, Windows SDK First make sure your Windows 8 operating system is up to date and everything above is installed. After it is installed reboot the machine. Add Python to your path: set PATH=%PATH%;C:Python27;C:Python27Scripts; Install… Read More

How To Install Ghost On Windows XP

Note: This page will not document steps outside the scope of Ghost and makes a few assumptions including: Windows XP is has service pack 3 installed. A network interface is setup with a static IP address. Any reference to the servers IP address will be but… Read More

How To Install Ghost on CentOS

There is a script that will automatically do the entire installation of Ghost for you which you can find in our One-Click Ghost Install Script for Ubuntu and CentOS article. If you would like to use that, great! If not, this page will describe how to go from a clean… Read More

How to Install Ghost on a Raspberry Pi Running Raspbian

Initial Setup With a clean install of Raspbian run the following commands to download node.js: wget tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz cd [node folder] Use the following commands to compile and install node.js ./configure make make install Download and Install Ghost:… Read More

How to Install Ghost on Mac OS X

If you use Homebrew as your package manager on Mac OS X you can checkout our How to Install Ghost on a Mac w/ Homebrew article. Download and Install Node Go to node.js and download the Mac OS X Installer (.pkg). Install the node.js package that was downloaded.… Read More