How To Start Ghost as a Service on Linux

On Ubuntu and CentOS, you can use the init service to start Ghost on boot up, and keep it running if Ghost crashes. All you have to do is place a ghost.conf file in /etc/init/ directory. In the init script we will be start Ghost with a non… Read More

How To Use Screen To Start Ghost

Starting a Screen Session Screen provides a very simple way to quickly get Ghost running in the background. With Ghost stopped cd to the Ghost directory and run screen npm start. The npm start command will be started in a new screen session. Once you see the message that Ghost… Read More

How To Start Ghost With Forever

There is a bug with Forever currently that keeps it from starting the process on Windows (some people had trouble on linux, but we did not). If you are on Windows, use the following article to start Ghost in the background: Keep Ghost Alive on Windows XP, 7 and 8… Read More

How To Start Ghost With Cron Job

If you want to start your Ghost process with a cron job, you can use the @reboot feature of cron. Make sure the crontab that you edit has read and write access to your Ghost directory To edit your crontab run crontab -e and add the following: @reboot /usr/local/… Read More

How to Install Ghost on a Raspberry Pi Running Raspbian

Initial Setup With a clean install of Raspbian run the following commands to download node.js: wget tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz cd [node folder] Use the following commands to compile and install node.js ./configure make make install Download and Install Ghost:… Read More