Places to Host Ghost for Free

If you are looking for a way to check out Ghost, but do not want to pay for hosting, there are some great options out there. Here they are: Windows Azure Free Forever - Install Instructions) Windows Azure offers a free tier of some of their cloud applications. In the… Read More

The Complete Guide to Managing Ghost's Multi-User Support

This post will have everything you need to know about what the different users are, how to invite users, revoke invites, delete users, change permissions, and change the blog Ownership. We will start with explaining the different roles for the users and go from there. User Roles Invite Users Change… Read More

2014 Income and Statistics Report

In the spirit of transparentness created by Ghost and lots of other open source projects, we decided to create a breakdown of our income, expenses, and overall statistics for all of our websites. I think starting next year, I will start writing about what we learned, and what mistakes we… Read More

Our Ghost CloudFormation Template

We no longer maintain our AMI, but we will leave this here in case you want to run with your own, or set one up yourself Running Ghost on Amazon's Web Services (AWS) has been a very popular option since the beginning. With the option of running a Ghost blog… Read More

Getting Started with Ghost

David, Kezz, and I recently finished the first book on Ghost, Getting Started with Ghost! It was a long process that took almost exactly a year, but we are very excited that it was finally released! Getting Started with Ghost covers the basics from picking a hosting company, installing Ghost,… Read More