Lessons Learned After a Year of Blogging About Ghost

How to Install Ghost launched on the same day that Ghost was made public, Oct. 14, 2013. In the past year, we have learned so many things about blogging, writing, and creating a business. Andy and I both live on the more practical/problem solver side of life rather than… Read More

Ghost Multi-User Roles Explained

In the Ghost 0.5 update, one of the big features is that Ghost now supports the ability to have multiple users with different privileges. There are 4 main roles. There is Owner, Administrator, Editor and Author. Each of these roles serve a specific purpose and you can have multiple… Read More

Why There Are So Many Ghost Themes Being Made

Since the day Ghost was released to the public (almost a year ago at this point), there has been a constant stream of new themes being created. Our Ghost Themes website that shows every Ghost theme we can find just hit 300 this week! It only took a couple of… Read More

We Now Own and Run Ghost for Beginners

A few months back, the owner of Ghost for Beginners contacted us to see if we were interested in taking over the site. He had become too busy to continue updating and maintaining it, but wanted it to stay as a benefit to the Ghost community. Of course we jumped… Read More

Invited to be on the Ghostalk Podcast

Andy and I were invited to be guests on the Ghostalk podcast which was just released today. We talk about how we got started, why we have multiple sites about Ghost, the Ghost community, our upcoming book and much more. If you have not checked out this podcast, I highly… Read More