How to Add Comments to Ghost

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Ghost does not have comments built in by default. Many themes add them in for you, but if your theme does not, we will show you how. There are a number of options, but by far Disqus is the most popular. Here is a list of how to install on… Read More

How to Install a Ghost Theme

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If you don't already have a theme, check out the Ghost themes section of this site. You are able to upload, activate, and delete a Ghost theme in the admin section of your Ghost blog. You can also drop the theme into the Ghost files manually. It is recommended to… Read More

Add Search to Ghost using Twitter Typeahead.js

Link to Example Code on Github Using Ghost's public API, you can integrate Twitter's typeahead.js to create a great and customizable search on your Ghost blog. I think this is currently the best free way to have search on your blog. Note: There is a chance this may affect… Read More

Sample Ghost Content for Ghost Theme Development

Easy Theme Development with Sample Ghost Content If you are working on developing a theme for Ghost, you will definitely want to check how markdown formatting looks in your theme. We have put together several blog posts that include all of the Ghost markdown formatting that you can import and… Read More

Have a Static Home Page with Ghost

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With dynamic routing, you can now specify a dedicated home page with your posts living elsewhere. Here is how you can do that: So, in order to do this, we need to create a new dymanic route that tells Ghost there is a static home page and then create a… Read More