How to Install Ghost on Dreamhost

Signup for Dreamhost's VPS service Once you are logged into the Dreamhost cPanel, on the left hand side, click on "VPS" and then "Enable VPS Service". It may take a little bit for Dreamhost to create your VPS, but once its ready, you will see a code that looks like… Read More

How to Install Ghost on Windows Azure

If you don't have a Microsoft account sign up here: Next to sign up for a Microsoft Azure account go here: Once signed in click on Portal in the upper right hand corner Click on New in the upper… Read More

How To Start Ghost as a Service on Linux

On Ubuntu and CentOS, you can use the init service to start Ghost on boot up, and keep it running if Ghost crashes. All you have to do is place a ghost.conf file in /etc/init/ directory. In the init script we will be start Ghost with a non… Read More

How To Install Ghost On Ubuntu

We have built a script that can automate installing Ghost on Ubuntu (or Ubuntu Server) that you can find on our One Click Ghost Install Script article. If you would like to use that, great! If not, this page will describe in great detail how to install Ghost, the blogging… Read More