Our Git Script to Pull Theme Updates

We currently run 4 main sites: allaboutghost.com allghostthemes.com ghostforbeginners.com howtoinstallghost.com each running on their own DigitalOcean droplet and with each of these comes its corresponding theme which we have stored in GitHub. We got tired of pull in new changes, updating permissions, setting ownership so we… Read More

Update Ghost Installed with NPM

If you installed Ghost using NPM, updating Ghost is very easy. Change directories to where your app is placed (the folder where 'node_modules' is) Run the following command npm update ghost And thats it! It will update Ghost to the latest version. (if you don't see anything in terminal… Read More

Deploy Ghost Updates With Git

We have started to see an increased number of people inside and outside of the Ghost community that are interested in managing their Ghost deployment with Git. We looked into how Git could be used for the deployment and updates of Ghost and we found the setup to be straightforward… Read More