Migrating Ghost Installation From SQLite3 To MySQL

If you have a Ghost blog with a SQLite3 backend and want to migrate to MySQL, you can use this simple process: To get started you will need to have MySQL installed on your server: Ubuntu apt-get install mysql-server CentOS yum install mysql-server Go through the MySQL setup mysql_secure_… Read More

Serving Static Files Alongside Ghost

If you have a file, or collection of files that you would like to host alongside Ghost, you can do this by making a couple adjustments to your Nginx configuration. Here are two examples on how to do this for a single file, or folder of assets in Nginx and… Read More

Display Smaller Images on Mobile

One big aspect of having your site be mobile friendly is to not display huge images when someone is using their phone. Currently, in Ghost, there is no media management and no way to do this easily. While this will come in the future, we have seen some people who… Read More

Using Ghost's Navigation Feature

As of Ghost 0.5.9, Ghost now has a built in Navigation handler and admin. This allows you to be able to edit and change your navigation without needing to edit your theme files. This is a huge upgrade for theme developers as well as end users of those… Read More

Ghostly - iPhone app

We have seen a couple of iPhone apps for Ghost, but Ghostly has been by far the most feature complete one I have seen. Ghostly includes the following features out of the box: markdown support Disqus comment support 1Password support Setup First start by downloading the Ghostly app from the… Read More