Removing Unused Ghost Tags

When we migrated All About Ghost from WordPress to Ghost we simplified our tag footprint. In Wordpress we had about 70 tags and we narrowed that down to 6. The unfortunate part was when we used the Ghost WordPress plugin to perform the migration, the 70ish tags from WordPress immediately… Read More

Deploy Ghost Updates With Git

We have started to see an increased number of people inside and outside of the Ghost community that are interested in managing their Ghost deployment with Git. We looked into how Git could be used for the deployment and updates of Ghost and we found the setup to be straightforward… Read More

How to Speed Up Your Ghost Blog

As a blogger, it is paramount that your Ghost blog loads very quickly. Slow webpage load times will hurt your blog's traffic in many aspects: A slow blog means that visitors might decide to leave your website all together. We live in a world of wanting things now and potential… Read More