How to Install Ghost on Nodejitsu

Note: Redeploying Ghost to Nodefitsu would be destructive to your database and your images. Nodefitsu has worked around this issue by creating a wrapper called persistent-ghost which will preserve the Ghost content directory, where your database and images are stored. You can checkout more details for this tools on their… Read More

How to Install Ghost on Rackspace

Head over to Rackspace and sign up for Rackspace Cloud account Go ahead and log into your control panel You now have to wait for them to call you to verify your account. They say it usually takes less than 5 minutes, but you might be able to speed it… Read More

How To Install Ghost on MediaTemple

Head over to the MediaTemple VPS signup page and during checkout select CentOS. In the email MediaTemple sends you, note the Primary Domain that was assigned to you and click on the link to create your account password Login to your account Click on the Admin button in the Your… Read More

How To Install Ghost On 1&1 Hosting

Go to and click on Servers section. Select 1&1 Virtual Servers Select the Virtual server size you want. I selected the smallest size. Once you have finished checkout you will get an email with your username and password Once you receive the email from 1&… Read More

How to Install Ghost on HostGator

Head over to Hostgator and Click on "VPS Hosting" Select your Size (cannot be the smallest size, not enough memory to install and run Node.js) and whether or not you want register a new domain. Complete the rest of the order. Once you have completed the order, wait for… Read More