The Best Free Ghost Themes - February 2014

New Ghost themes are popping up constantly. A lot of the themes are paid themes, but there are also quite a few free themes to choose from. For a full list of Ghost themes checkout All Ghost Themes. All Ghost Themes will give you the option of filtering by price, number of columns, and view a live demo to discover the best Ghost theme.


Ghostium is a two-column theme that takes advantage of all the new Ghost 0.4 features. Ghostium has a great navigation menu and makes it easy to differentiate between posts on the home page. It is a very nice simple theme that makes your website very easy to read and to navigate.

Live Demo


Willsong is a theme that has been around for a very long time. It is an amazing theme and is continually updated. It uses some great javascript styling that gives your blog a little pop without going overboard.

Live Demo


Ghostwriter is an extremely clean and simple theme. It displays your content very nicely and has a great navigation system. Perfect for someone who wants their readers to be focused on their content rather than anything else that may be going on around the page.

Live Demo


Ghostentista is another theme that provides some great effects without going overboard. The logo on the home page gives sort of a faux parallax effect how it moves within the picture as you scroll. Ghostentista displays your content very nicely while also giving your website a nice, new-age feel.

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GhostScroll is another theme that has been one of the best themes out there since the beginning. It is the perfect theme for those one page websites that have become hugely popular. It has great navigation up and down the page as well as great separation between each area. Definitely worth checking out.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a flipbook style theme. You flip through the pages of your website. Every page has a pitcure on the left and the content on the right. It is kind of a niche theme that only people with certain websites will use, but it is extremely well done and definitely deserves to be on this list.

Live Demo


Readium is a three-column theme that takes kind of a different approach. In the third column, you can make comments next to what has been written in your post. I think this adds a cool dimension and is great for adding little notes that you may otherwise just throw at the end of a post. Besides that, the theme is very clean and helps to focus heavily on the content of the webpage.

Live Demo

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