The Best Free Ghost Themes - January 2015

Updated list for 2016

We looked through a ton of themes, and have compiled our favorite ones. If there are any out there you feel deserve to be on this list, leave a comment and we will check it out!

For more themes, we put together a full list of free Ghost themes.


Decode is a theme that has been on our top lists forever. Decode continues to be updated as Ghost does and continues to be one of our favorite themes. It doesn't have a ton of fancy animations or special elements, but it looks great and makes the blog very easy to read. Great theme to use for your blog, or to use as a starting place if you want to do a little customization.

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### [Readium](

Readium is another theme that has been around since the beginning of Ghost and continues to get updates. Readium makes your blog very easy to read while also offering some nice features. Readium has a parallax image that works very well and the ability to have full screen post images if you would like. Definitely worth checking out.

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The image handling alone puts Saga on this list, but I think it also allows you to create a very nice looking blog. Saga works best for blogs who use a lot of images (photo blogs, travel blogs, etc). Saga staggers the photos on the home page and if you feature the post, the image will appear larger than the others. If you use a lot of photos in your blog, you have to check this one out.

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Willsong II

Willsong II has a ton of very nice features built right in that can make getting your blog set up quick and easy. Willsong II has the ability to make quick galleries inside your posts, and has one feature I haven't seen on any theme, and thats built in widgets for instagram, flicker and dribble. It also comes with all your other features built in like comments and a menu. This is a great theme that also has tons of features to help make your blog stand out.

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GhostScroll is a very nice theme that I think is geared more towards a single page website instead of an ongoing blog. It has a large cover image and the ability to jump to specific parts of the page.

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If you use or have created any free themes that you think should be a part of this list, leave a comment and we will check it out!

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