The Best Free Ghost Themes - January 2016

The Ghost community has done a great job creating free and paid themes for the platform. Here is a list of the best free themes that we have come across:


FauxGhost is a very nice theme that has some great features ready to go for you. The slide in menu is very nice, and the implemented search is something that not a lot of themes have (especially free ones).

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Decode is a theme that has been on our top lists forever. Decode isn't the fanciest or most feature rich theme, but it is a great basic theme with all the basics you should need.

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Blog is a theme built and maintained by the Ghost foundation and is what they use for their blog. This theme has a lot of stuff built in and looks great. It is a perfect theme to either grab and just use, or use a lot of the nice features it already has to turn into what you want your blog to look like. Definitely worth checking out and at least grabbing ideas or code examples from.

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Interphase takes more of a business/landing page/single page style approach. It has the blog content on the bottom, but also a large header and dedicated section to other areas of the site that may be important.

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Bleak is a nicely laid out theme that has a good structure and most of what you will need built into it. It also has nice transitions to new pages and with the menu. The theme seems to work best with images on most posts, so if you use images on your blog, then it definitely seems to look better that way.

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Saga is a great theme for a blog that loves to use photos. Saga has some good features like lightbox built in, but, while it doesn't have all the features you may want (comments, menu, etc), it does have great bones to work with with. I like how if you feature a post, you get a larger image on the home page to make it stand out.

The author of Saga also has his information and easy ways to contact him if you have questions or if you need help, which is pretty rare for free themes.

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Vapor is a great theme if you are looking for something very minimal. The theme goes for just the basics with no over the top animations or layouts. It focuses just on the content. Vapor has most of the regular features that you would need built in ready to go.

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You can check out more free themes on the Free Ghost Themes section of this site. Leave a comment below if there are any other themes you think should be on this list!