Top 10 Best Ghost Themes - April 2014

We have compiled a list of the best Ghost themes out there, both free and paid. If you are looking for a list of every Ghost theme currently published, check out All Ghost Themes. Here is our list of the best themes, in no particular order:

Genius - $18 Demo

Genius is a three column Ghost theme that starts off with a full page cover image. From this cover image, it takes you to a list of posts and uses the post's featured image as the background. Genius has a menu built in and navigation through the site is very easy and smooth. Genius provides a great user experience and can really make your site stand out.

Boston - $18 Demo

Boston is a single column Ghost theme that starts off with a full page parallax image and a static page menu at the bottom. Boston will nicely fade in your new posts as the user scrolls along allowing the user to not get overwhelmed by text and focus on one article at a time. When viewing a post, Boston will even use that post's featured image as the parallax image on the header.

Quarter - $22 Demo

Quarter has been around since the very beginning of Ghost, yet it is still one of the best themes out there. Quarter is broken up into three columns with the date of the post on the left, and an 'About' on the right. Quarter comes with everything you need already built in (comments, static menu and social media sharing). Quarter will give you a very professional and great looking site.

Photosession - $18 Demo

Photosession might be the best looking photography Ghost blog I have seen. Photosession uses the post's featured images to show each post on the front page. Photosession also allows you to sort which photos are on the home page so you can see posts in specific categories. This is great because it allows the viewers to be able to quickly see the content they are looking for.

Dragonfly - $18 Demo

Dragonfly is a great theme with a menu on the left and the posts on the right. Dragonfly allows you to show the posts on the home page with a featured image and a small excerpt of text, or to have the posts 'gallery' style with just the images. Dragonfly has the ability to search posts as well as being able to only view posts with a certain tag. Dragonfly will also load posts dynamically as you scroll, so you do not have to use the next page button.

Curri - $22 Demo

Curri is a timeline theme that displays your posts in the order they were created. Curri has the ability to look a few different ways, with the timeline in the middle and the posts on each side, the posts stacked on top of each other, or the timeline on the left or right. Curri will automatically fetch new posts as the user scrolls down the page so there is no next page button.

GhostScroll - $0 Demo

GhostScroll is the lone free theme on this page. GhostScroll has been around since the beginning of Ghost and is one of the best single column Ghost themes out there. GhostScroll makes browsing the page very easy and provides a great user experience. GhostScroll has a full page cover image and post navigation on the left side as you scroll. GhostScroll is a great theme and definitely worth checking out, especially since its free.

Zenzero - $18 Demo

Zenzero has a full screen cover image with a static page menu at the bottom. Once you scroll down, you will see all the posts with either a featured image or a small excerpt. Zenzero also gives you the ability to only see posts with certain tag and you can choose to display the posts one by one instead of tiled.

GhostWall - $22 Demo

GhostWall is a three column Ghost theme that has a static menu at the top, and sortable tags above the posts. GhostWall will load more posts automatically as the viewer scrolls down the page. GhostWall makes it very easy to navigate through the site, and has great features such as being able to put your flickr photo stream in the right hand column.

Cameraman - $18 Demo

Cameraman is a great theme for a photo blogger. Cameraman uses the post's featured images to tile the images on the home page. As you scroll over the images, you can see the post title and a small excerpt from the photo description. Cameraman comes with everything you need built in (comments, static page menu, social media sharing) making it easy to get up and running quickly.