What to Expect in the Ghost 0.7 Release

Ghost 0.7 is in its final stages before being released. There is no exact date yet, but it will be in the coming weeks if not sooner. Since the release of Ghost 0.6.4 back in May, there have been 492 different commits (so far, will rise until its officially released (obviously :D)) and some big changes.

The main focus for Ghost 0.7 was the new user onboarding process, and a whole new admin interface that is built for usability and future expansion. There was also a lot of very significant progress on many large features that will be coming soon after 0.7.

Here are some of the features that will be a part of the 0.7 release:

New Admin Interface

0.7 New Admin Interface
0.7 Interface New Writing Area
0.7 Interface New PSM
As you can see, this new interface moves the top menu over to the lefthand side. This allows you to have access to all the different menu areas from any part of the admin and allows extensibility once new features arrive. It also feels much faster and allows you to get to where you are trying to go in less clicks.

Also included in this new interface is new tag management and revamped error messages/alerts. You can see in the last picture above, that the tags are now located as part of the post settings menu instead of being below the content itself. This tag manager has all the features of the old tag manager, but feels a little better, and also allows for tags to be put into a specific order (not merged yet, but pretty much there - #5732 ).

Edit: Merged in with PR #5706

For alerts and notifcations, alerts will now be a colored bar across the top of the screen, and notifications will be in a box in the lower lefthand corner (#5409).

New Onboarding Flow

When a new blog is started, the onboarding flow has been updated to provide a nicer experience and get more of the blog setup right away.

Onboarding Flow Screen 1
Onboarding Flow Screen 2
Onboarding Flow Screen 3

As you go through the onboarding, you are able to go back if you need to correct anything and send any invitations to other users right away instead of having to go into a separate menu once you finish. This should provide a much nicer experience for those setting up their blog for the first time.

Content Search

You may have noticed back in the first set of pictures that there is a new search bar in the left hand menu. You are now able to search through all of your content to find a specific post. The search menu will dropdown as you type with the posts that match the criteria so you can quickly go the them and make any edits you need.

This is definitely a welcomed feature as now you can quickly find posts without a ton of scrolling like you had to before. This isn't merged in yet, but will be soon. Here is more information if you want to follow along - #5759

Edit: This has been merged in and includes search for posts and users. Additional search parameters (ex. tags) will come later.

No More jQuery Included

jQuery was included automatically into themes using {{ghost_foot}}, but that has now been removed. What this means is that theme developers who were relying on using the included jQuery will now need to update their themes to include it themselves.

If you already have a Ghost blog that has a theme that doesn't include jQuery specifically, you will still be ok because the jQuery include will be included into the footer via Code Injection. Any new blogs will not have this though and it may break the theme if it is expecting jQuery and it isn't there. If this happens to you, you can include jQuery via Code Injection, but you should also contact the theme creator so they can update for the future.

For more information, a write-up was done on the Ghost dev blog - http://dev.ghost.org/no-more-jquery/

Future Features

After 0.7 drops, there are a few amazing features that will be part of the 0.7.1 (or 0.7.2 if an immediate bug release is needed). One of the features that has been asked for constantly is the {{get}} helper.

The {{get}} helper allows you to get information from any page. So, if you want to display all the tags on a page, or display all the posts on a static page, that will be possible. This allows for serious customization of Ghost. One example is that you could run a site where the home page is a static page and then you have all the posts living on /blog.

Here is the main issue for the {{get}} helper - #4439

Another big feature that will most likely be apart of the next release is a public API. The public API works hand in hand with the {{get}} helper, but also allows for public calls to the Ghost database.

To start, the API will be read only while everything gets sorted out, and then eventually it will become a fully fledged API allowing for full access to the database. This will be a great step for integration with other apps or further customization for Ghost blogs.

You can follow along here - #5604

Lastly, a lot of progress was made towards the future of channels. If you are unsure what channels is, essentially it will be a way to group posts together (ex. posts with the tag cats written by author david). For a full write-up checkout the Channels 101 post.

I don't think that channels will be apart of 0.7.1, but I do think it will be coming shortly after 0.7. The {{get}} helper, API, and channels are all closely related and so I think they will all be coming out around the same time. If they do all come out for 0.7.1, that would be an insane release, but I think that would be a lot to get into that release. We will see though :).

Let us know in the comments below what you are excited for in 0.7 and/or what you are looking forward to in the future!

David Balderston and Andy Boutté