Where Ghost Stores your Images

Post cover image

Once you upload an image into your Ghost blog post, where does it go?

Note: If you are hosting on Ghost(Pro) or some shared services, you will not have access to your images and will have to ask the company to retrieve them for you

Blog posts

Ghost stores all of the images used in blogs posts inside the content/images folder.

They are all sorted by year and month. So, a specific image might have the path:


finder path

If you are self hosting or your host allows you ftp access to your Ghost install, you can ftp into your server, then move to your Ghost folder, and then follow the paths above to find the images.

Theme images

The images your theme uses are most likely stored in a different place.

Since the theme needs to rely on itself, not the actual blogs images, the images are almost always stored in an images folder inside the asset folder of the theme (if they are not in the asset folder, then they really should be moved there).

So, if you ftp into your Ghost server, your path would look something like this:


And thats where they would be stored