Where to Find a Ghost Theme

After having created a Ghost blog, one of the next things almost everyone wants to do is to customize it. There have been an incredible amount of themes that have been created for Ghost, many of which are free for anyone to use. Here are some great places to go look for themes for your blog:

  • All Ghost Themes - All Ghost Themes is a website we created to make finding a Ghost theme as simple as possible. We have put every single theme we could find, free or paid, onto this site. We currently update this site every week to add the new themes that keep popping up. Definitely check it out when you are looking for themes because it will save you a lot of time.

  • Ghost Marketplace - Ghost marketplace is where most developers submit their themes when they are done creating them. As of right now, the Ghost marketplace is a huge list of links to themes, but at some point, this will be turned into a store to allow you to buy and sell themes.

  • Themeforest - Themeforest is by far the largest place to go and look for paid themes. They do not have any free themes listed, but they do have many high quality themes for purchase.

There are a number of other places that sell Ghost themes which you can find through Google. Almost all, if not all of the themes that you will find will be listed on All Ghost Themes, so check that site out to see if you can find something before spending the time searching through Google. We put a lot of work into it and think it is a great resource.

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