Where to Start with Ghost Themes

Now that we have gone over all the structure and how to use the Handlebars template, it is time to start creating your theme. Now, everyone's process is different, but since we suggested starting with the Casper theme, and that is what we did for all of our sites, we are going to begin there.

The first thing I do is to create a new css file. Casper comes with a screen.css file, but I create mine and keep that one mostly untouched because it is easier for me to track my changes in my own css file rather than try to find the changes I made in the one that is already provided.

After this, one of the first steps we believe most people take is adding their own specific javascript. Maybe thats bootstrap, or could be anything else. So, check out our next section on how to add and link new javascript files and the css file we just created.

Adding and Linking JS/CSS