wp2ghost - Convert WordPress.org Export To Ghost

Ghost has an official WordPress export plugin, but sometimes this plugin does not work (checkout our How To Import WordPress Posts Into Ghost for details on how the plugin works) or if you host your blog at wordpress.com you can not install the Ghost plugin. Also, different versions of WordPress causes the plugin to break. Jon Gjengset (@jonhoo) has created a tool that can take a WordPress export and convert it over to the Ghost format. If the Ghost plugin is not working, check out this tool. You must have Node.js installed on your machine to use this app. Here is how to use it:

  1. In your WordPress blog, go to Tools -> Export and download the file

  2. Head to https://github.com/jonhoo/wp2ghost and download the zip

  3. Extract that zip and open up a Terminal window (Node.js terminal on Windows)

  4. cd to that directory cd /path/to/wp2ghost/folder

  5. Npm Install npm install

  6. Convert the file

     node ./wp2ghost.js /path/to/wordpress/backup.xml > ghost.json
  7. Now head to the debug tools in Ghost, which can be found at example.com/ghost/debug/ and import the ghost.json that was just created

  8. You should now see all your posts and images in your Ghost blog!